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The Rabbi And The Hit Man

The true story of a New Jersey rabbi given life imprisonment for hiring a hit man to kill his wife -- a fascinating true-crime narrative that straddles the juncture of faith and trust, and confronts issues of sex, narcisissm, arrogance and adultery. This is the definitive account of a charismatic clergyman who paid the ultimate price for ignoring his own words of wisdom: "We live at any moment with our total past... What we do will stay with us forever." 


"Blends deep reporting and psychological insight with the true-crime genre." -- Philadelphia Daily News


"A breakthrough book. In Magida's hands, the true-crime thriller reaches new levels of fascination." -- Baltimore Sun


"Compelling... measured... stately. Reads like a top-notch crime novel.... Should be required reading in all seminaries." -- The Jewish News of Northern California


The Rabbi and The Hit Man has been the basis for several television documentaries.